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Will you be my Valentine?

Are you in love with the week before Valentine's Day? We are! It's a time to focus our concentration on studying God's unconditional love for us, praying for those in our life we love, thinking about others who need our love, and sharing the love with friends and strangers.
This post is a culmination of all things lovely and I hope it inspires you and your family to do more than just indulge in chocolates, give away candy like it's halloween again, and buy expensive flowers. Most years this holiday comes just before Lent begins, so reflecting on Jesus' way of showing what True Love is can be very powerful.

Annaleah and Bobby Schuster Wedding
Tom and Melissa July 2011

A Wedding Homily for my daughter - written by Deacon Bruce (my Dad for my sister)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
The 7 Year Itch
The Kissing Corner
Courageous Love - The Dignity of Women

What kind of valentine will you give to your friends and sweethearts?
Coop Valentines Day

Here are some fun ideas for cards, gifts and crafts I grabbed from my past efforts…

My Modest Mommies Pinterest Board!

Blog Post: Happy Valentines Day - A little tidbit about Valentine's Day and its patron saint. Prayers and Ideas.

Valentine DecorValentine Decor
Using Catholic Icing's valentine countdown printable (Thanks Lacy), we hung the hearts on Our Forever Tree to be opened and read each day. Then we place them in a pocket made from valentines stationary.

You can add some reflection on "God's Love Is" with 14 Bible verses using this great, free print out from This is new to us in 2015, and we're excited to dive into the Bible with such a quick and easy family activity great for any Christian.

UNIQUE VALENTINE CARDS & GIFTS has some beautiful valentines that are prayer cards you can print for free. We used these in 2012, added to a bag of sweets.
Holy Card Valentines

Take a photo of your children/family with a hand extended. Print the photos, punch holes near hands, and weave through a lollipop -  or glue on a candy to an open hand. This was our 2011 Valentine.
Valentines 2011Valentines 2011

One year I found an M&M website that allows you to create candy characters of yourself. I made one for each family member, printed them and made homemade cards.
Our M&M Family

Cut out a few cardboard heart shapes. Let children trace the hearts on white paper, purposely overlapping edges. Have them color each section a different color, challenging them to consider what it would look like if they were balloons. What color would show when a red balloon and a yellow balloon cross paths? Then write words of affection on each heart!

Illuminated Ink Coloring Contest - Contest is over, but a great sheet to color about a great Saint! I added the image below just in case over time they remove it.

I made this door hanger pillow for my sister, but it is a fun gift for any couple. Take apiece of fabric and draw or embroider something like "Shhh… Honeymooners" or "Knock First." Then add hearts, buttons, flowers and other fun designs. I added buttons to look like Minnie and Mickey Mouse because they were honeymooning in Disney World. Sew with another piece of fabric as a mini pillow and ribbon to hang.
Honeymoon Present by melissa

I'm loving crocheting, and here is a picture of a bouquet of crocheted washcloths I made. For the full bouquet look, use red/pink for the small cloth rose, shades of green for the medium cloth of leaves, then the multicolor large cloth for the vase (held together with rubber bands).
Washcloth BoquetWashcloth Boquet

One year we registered at a bank for a prize, which we gladly won. It was a basket filled with a blanket for two, wine glasses filled with chocolates, wine, popcorn, movie rental certificate, pizza certificate, and decorated/displayed so cute. What a treat that was. Years later, we still love that blanket.
021505 We Won This


  • Don't forget to play Bingo using conversation hearts as the place markers! I love the Free Bingo Cards found at Crazy Little Projects!
  • Mad Libs Valentines: Not only do these make great valentines, but open them up and play! A free printable tag can be found here.
  • Read The Princess and the Kiss  and  The Squire and the Scroll for a great elementary level lesson on purity.
  • Bring valentines to the local Senior Center, stay to chat awhile!
  • Make care packages for the Cancer Center patients.
  • Show love by visiting grandparents, bringing a meal to a new mom, shoveling someone's driveway, or any other random act of kindness!
  • Find More Games & Activities linked on my Valentines Pinterest Board!

  I love to decorate for each holiday. Here are some images of my past settings.

ValentinesAnnaleah Bridal Shower - friendsValentine Decor

Red and Black are the classiest colors, with hints of pink and white lace. Add some sparkle with candlelight! For an adult table there's room for wine glasses and treats. For a children's table, set up a tea party or craft. Don't forget, a chandelier is another decorating space!

021405 Valentines Day Gift100_5021Valentine Roses
A day of wine and roses. If you're a man, certainly consider the surprise bouquet of roses for your lady. She most likely deserves it. I always have a spot cleared for mine!

100_0534021405 Valentines Day7
Lent is nearing, so the "Bean Good Jar" (Being good) is out. In this picture I wrapped a heart necklace around the jar and added a prayer card. In the other picture is my valentines dishes filled with festive cookies, chips and salsa, lots of candle light and some grenadine (cherry juice) to add to our soda!

More Valentines Ideas

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  1. So many great ideas Melissa! You are so talented... all your ideas look so creative, fun and easy to do for little hands!


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