Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Greetings

Easter 2012 - Married 10 Years

Tom and I have been married for 10 years this April. We celebrated with two nights out. One we had a wonderful sitter so we could enjoy parking with tacos, going to the theatre to see "The Vow" (awesome), and drive around town looking for any place that was open for ice cream cones. Romantic, I know. Not the cruise in Alaska or the Caribbean we once hoped for. Then another night of dinner at Applebees with the kids. The only gift was quality time together, and it was the best time we've had in a long while. We are so much more in love, and as crazy as life is for us - we wouldn't change a thing. 10 years… it's all about unconditional love and living out your wedding vows.


Holy Saturday was my day in the kitchen. I spent two hours making an extraordinary Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O Salad (read about it on our recipe page). I tried out the "As Seen On TV - Eggies" for Deviled Eggs (easy). To keep the kiddos content, I whipped up a batch of spring cookies too!

Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O SaladEaster Eggies as seen on TV


Easter followed with lots of bright smiles and tasty treats.

Easter Bonnets

Easter 2012Easter 2012

Easter baskets from us and the grandparents we're well thought out. I took out my label maker for the $1 plastic buckets filled with stickers, spring fun hats, Kemps flavor straws, Whitman's marshmallow crosses, Annie's bunny crackers, and more. Grandma filled her themed baskets with pencils, treats and Play-Doh eggs. Later the baskets were filled with plastic eggs from the big hunt, including those new talking eggs!

Easter 2012Easter 2012

"I'm hiding. Come find me!"

Easter 2012 


The great grandparents made it to see Eddie for the first time, which was a picture perfect moment.

Easter 2012

Easter 2012Easter 2012

It was an Hallelujah sort of day!

Easter 2012

With lots of love for our little peep…

Easter 2012Easter 2012

Easter 2012Easter 2012


  1. Hi Melissa,

    He was surrounded by love! What sweet pictures of your Easter celebration. I also made the rainbow jello for our Easter dinner but didn't take a picture of it. I used lighter colors in the attempt to make a pastel rainbow jello. Sort of worked!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Such a wonderful post. I love the pictures of your Easter celebration. My warmest easter greetings to you and your family. Have fun!



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