Friday, November 16, 2012

November Display of Thanks

  Our Forever Tree is a place on our living room wall where we hang reminders of our faith each month. You might try our idea of a tree wall decal with wall hooks in the branches. Or perhaps you have a magnet board or other space reserved for countdowns and displays.

  This summer, our tree blossomed with family activities. In September, we hung fruits on the tree - The Fruits of the Spirit. In October we hung pumpkins with facts about Saints. This November, we want to cover our tree with positive reminders of all our blessings. Thanksgiving is just a week away.


Thanksgiving Tree

We started by adding turkey's to the landscape!

- Using foam sheets, trace and cut out each family member's hand. From another color, cut out a peanut shape or an odd-shaped "S" for the turkey head. Add googly eyes and a beak!

- We also hung decorative acorns from the tree.


Then we're writing what we are thankful for on cutouts of leaves on paper.

-If you don't have die cuts or a good freehand for leaves, look online for images of leaf shapes to make a template to trace and cut.


Another great idea a mom shared with me…

  Have a journal, and each year have your guests write what they are thankful for in it. It's fun to look back on over the years.


2011 Teaching Children About Thanksgiving

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