Friday, November 1, 2013

More than just playing dressup

Most years we've just tried to raid the costume bin for something fun to dress up in when Oct 31/Nov 1 came along. But now-a-days, we dress up at home a lot, especially as The Avengers. So it has made All Saints Day more special as we represent a particular saint we've learned about.

A Saint is a real person, a real hero, a real role model.

All Saints Day 2013

"You can dress up and pretend to be something else anytime,

but it takes effort to be a Saint!" ~ me


Saintliness to aspire to (L-R):

Mikayla = St. Joan of Arc

Stanley  = St. Thomas the Apostle

Jonathan = St. George

Eddie = St. Edward the King

Sabrina = St. Rose of Lima


We learned a little about each saint that was either for our namesake or a favorite saint. It was a lot of fun, using a chart I made similar to Catholic Icing's All About Saint ? printout. We also made saint puppets, we've played saint games, and used other fun ideas on the web for enriching our faith.


St. Joan of Arc was a cotton dress overlayed with a homemade corset top (basically a sundress top without the skirt), with a tie at the waist.

St. Thomas the Apostle was a cheap white fabric with a hole cut in the center for his head, then a red cloth draped and pinned together in a stole fashion, and carrying an architect/carpenters square tool.

St. George is a Thor costume (a costume he'd agree to wear) paired with a stuffed dragon and sword.

St. Edward is a white karate robe, a red rectangle of fabric with a neck hole and metallic ric-rac cross, and a paper crown.

St. Rose has 2yd purple cotton folded in half with neck hole and tied waist over a long sleeve dress. The red cape is an old tree skirt cut in half, with a snap at the neck.




Here's the last few years at a glance:

Disney Play Costumes

This was our Disney Costume Year, but Mikayla's Pocahontas doubled as St. Kateri, and Stanley's Prince Caspian doubles as St. Michael the Archangel and St. George.


All Saints Party

St. George from a Prince Caspian costume can last a few years and a few kids! Bl. Mother Theresa is a few layers of white cloth with stitched on blue satin ribbon on the edges. St. Teresa was a dress of mine from the 80s along with Sacrifice Beads/Decade rosary and silk roses. And of course St. Joseph was a long green t-shirt with a mini apron and a plastic hammer to hold.


All Saints Party

We've also had some great use of this St. Francis costume passed down from my brother. And I sewed a special dress for Mikayla to be St. Bernadette, layered with a patterned shawl and apron. Halos can be as simple as a ring of yellow paper or pipe cleaner/chenille stems.

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