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Nursing/Breastfeeding Covers

Before my third child arrived, I decided I was going to give breastfeeding my whole effort. The first two only lasted just over a month. So to make it easier I got everything ready from breast pumps, pads, bras, etc. Looking online I saw some expensive covers that looked like a baby blankee with a tie for around your neck. This would hold the blanket for you so you could remained covered and use both hands to nurse/breastfeed your baby.

Of course, the crafty lady I am, decided I could make one for MUCH cheaper. So I sewed one from some cute bargain fabrics with a overall  button clip.

Melissa Sewing Nursing Covers
Melissa sewing first nursing cover – Summer 2007

It turned out so well, and I thought I’d better have a spare, so I sewed another. This time with a matching spit up pad to put in the pocket, and a matching quilt to fit in her bassinet. I was so happy to have these at the hospital with all the visitors and nurses coming in and out of the room.

Sabrinas Here

 Nursing Covers Melissa made Nursing Covers Melissa made
Pink and Brown John Deere & Country Chicks Rule fabric with coordinating flannel on inside/reverse. Each has a pocket. When folded in thirds and again, it folds to carry like a purse with pocket for pacifiers, spit-up rags, etc.

Nursing Covers Melissa madeNursing Covers Melissa made

When I found out I was having a boy for #4, I wondered how long I’d last. Sabrina and I made it as much as 2 months and I just couldn’t keep my milk supply up and she transitioned to bottles. Now with Jonathan on his way, I knew I had to step this up a notch. I read online as much as I could about tips and overcoming trials. I found out that I needed to “tough it out” during those weeks I thought I was running out of milk and it would eventually come. Luckily it did.

A little over a month after Jonathan was born, my friend Jamie had her little girl. One of my gifts to her was a nursing cover to wear at church, book club, and girls club meetings. She said it was one of her favorite things. I don’t blame her, I almost didn’t give it up it turned out so nice. Her girls all have Raggedy Ann dolls, so when I saw this fabric – I knew exactly who it was meant for. The change I made this time was to use blanket binding on the edges. This turned out fabulous and a much easier way to finish the blanket.

Bridget Austad is born

I passed the 2 month goal, and it didn’t take long I made it to my ultimate goal of 6 months. Jonathan was hooked – no pacifiers, no supplementing by bottle, in fact he just didn’t want them. I needed another cover, something more neutral and wintery as the season approached. And I had to have one with that silky blanket binding! This is the first one I added about 1 foot of boning (that stuff for in lady’s girdles) at the top center. This helps hold out the blanket so you can see your baby and he or she can see you – and get some fresh air. The flannel can get pretty cozy in there.
 Nursing Covers Melissa made

So here I am at almost 8 months of strictly breastfeeding, and I KNOW I couldn’t have done it without my nursing covers. So now it’s my “mission” to make sure all new mothers have one, even if I have to make it as a gift for them.

Here is one I made last night for Christine. She hasn’t seen it yet, because I have to see her soon. I haven’t been to book club because of Tom working nights. I really HOPE she likes it. I used another version of the Raggedy Ann & Andy material backed with a pink and violet striped flannel. I am so proud of this one.
 Nursing Covers Melissa made

First I quilted the 6x6 fabric squares to equal the 1 yard I usually use. I sewed that into a solid blanket with the flannel reverse. On the bottom right corner I stitched in 5 satin ribbon loops for Ava to play with, or for mommy to attach toys to.

Nursing Covers Melissa made

In this above image is the button and loop closure so she can gently take it off and on with one hand when she’s done feeding. Below is the same button which has hook & loop (velcro) attached to either attach to the green loop closure more securely or to attach a pacifier. This is a UNIQUE feature of this cover designed by me. My own creation!

Nursing Covers Melissa made  

Tell me please, what do you think?!  I have about 3 more on my desk to sew. I wonder what features they will behold….

After that I will probably be sewing themed pillows for my kids, dresses, purses, dolly clothes and a spare cover for “My Brest Friend.” Another essential to breastfeeding to avoid getting carpel tunnel syndrome and feed sitting up in bed without backaches.

Brest Friend original

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  1. Good morning Melissa,

    Wow…you’ve turned out to be quite the sewer. Beautiful work!! What a nice gift to give your girlfriends.

    Have a WONDERFILLED day!

    Love You


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